Very first recipe book !
Unique & majestic – EDIBLE JEWELRY –

I published the first kohakuto recipe book in Japan July 2016.
“Sweet and Cute Edible Jewelry Kohakuto Recipe” IKEDA
Publishing Co,. Ltd.


Published in Japan in 2016 by Ikeda publishing co., Ltd


甜蜜可愛琥珀糖:五彩繽紛 可以吃的寶石

Published in Taiwan, Hongkong and Macau in September 2018.


CRYSTAL Jelly-Candy

“EDIBLE JEWELRY” looks like a piece of Jewelry, it has a unique and majestic texture, crystal outside and soft jelly inside.




Recently they are very popular in Japan as an “EDIBLE JEWELRY” especially among young ladies.




“EDIBLE JEWELRY” is served for a Japanese traditional Matcha Tea ceremony and also popular as a souvenir / gift.



All vegetable

Ingredients are sugar,agar and water.



How to enjoy ?

You can eat them with a cup of tea or coffee. Put them into a glass of soda water, you will see brilliant, shiny jewelry in your glass!

Kohaku Candy - Jelly
Kohaku Jelly – Candy with Matcha
Kohaku Candy  Jelly
Kohaku Candy – Jelly in soda


Sweet & Cute Edible Jewelry KOHAKUTO Recipe

Published in July 2016 in Japan as a first recipe book of Kohakuto Jelly – Candy / Edible Jewelry.



Sweet & Cute Edible Jewelry KOHAKUTO Recipe


Sweet & Cute Edible Jewelry KOHAKUTO Recipe

Toshiko SUGII STEFFES / Ikeda Publishing co., Ltd



甜蜜可愛琥珀糖:五彩繽紛 可以吃的寶石

甜蜜可愛琥珀糖:五彩繽紛 可以吃的寶石(附馬上可以動手製作的紙型)





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