KOHAKUTO (kohakutou) CRYSTAL Jelly-Candy

Crisply... You will feel like you’re biting a thin layer of ice initially, then you will taste soft jelly inside. This is the unique outer and inner texture of Kohakutō jelly candies. KOHAKUTO  is a kind of Japanese traditional confection, served for a Matcha Tea ceremony or also popular as a souvenir/gift. Recently they are very popular in Japan as an “EDIBLE JEWELRY.”


I was honored by a publishing company to make a kohakutō recipe book. The book was published in Japan, Taiwan and Hong Kong. I am trying to capture the beauty of nature, life and well-being into the kohakutō designs. A variety of flavors and designs are available at online shop: Fruits, citrus, yuzu, green tea, sake, botanical gin, rum etc. Ingredients are sugar, agar and water, all vegetable. Gluten free. No high fructose corn syrup, Not Partially Hydrogenated Oil. I use non-GMO granulated sugar and Japanese agar.


Please enjoy eating them with a cup of tea or coffee. Put them into a glass of soda water, you will see brilliant, shiny jewelry in your glass!


Here are my online shops.
>> Official shop : https://wagashistudio.square.site/
>> Handmade market ETSY : BlossomSweets
>>  About my recipe book of Kohaku Jelly-candy: Click here