Hello there! My name is Toshiko Sugii Steffes. I am a Japanese sweets “WAGASHI” designer. I am fascinated by the beauty of WAGASHI, which is expressive of the four seasons and nature. My creations are boundless as there is so much variety and sophistication in WAGASHI techniques. I have been trained in traditional WAGASHI with a well-renowned teacher, and contemporary WAGASHI with a rising star teacher. I am a certified master in WAGASHI. I employ concepts of exciting feelings (tokimeki), yummy taste and positive health. I exhibit my works and also teach making WAGASHI in USA and Japan.

I published the first kohakuto recipe book in Japan July 2016.
“Sweet and Cute Edible Jewelry Kohakuto Recipe” IKEDA Publishing Co,. Ltd. :

English : Edible Jewelry / Kohaku Jelly – Candy